Real Estate

Julie Shalloup


What makes me stand out from other Realtors will make your home stand out from other listings!


Curb Appeal and Staging:  Before your home goes on the market, I meet with you several times to get to know your home and make suggestions so your home will shine when it comes time for Buyers to see it.  We talk about curb appeal and what you can do to make the strongest first impression possible.  And, I use my knowledge and experience as a Certified Home Marketing Specialist to help stage the interior of your home to highlight its best features. 


Professional Photographs and Descriptive Writing:
  Since the internet has become the primary source of information when Buyers are shopping for a new home, the on-line presentation of your home essentially becomes the First Showing for potential Buyers.  We need to get them off the web and into your front door!  I use only a professional photographer to capture beautiful images of your home. If a Realtor tries to tell you that it doesn’t make a difference, it does! 

In addition to fantastic pictures, I use my creative writing skills to paint a picture of your home for potential Buyers so they get a feel for the Lifestyle that your home offers.  I draw attention to the special features and unique attributes of your home.  As they look at the images and read the descriptive details, they imagine what it would be like to live in your home. 

Coming Soon:  About a week before your home goes live on HAR, I start marketing your property and place a “Coming Soon” sign in your front yard.  Homeowners would love to help pick their new neighbors and your neighbors probably have a friend or co-worker who would be interested in your home.  I want to get your neighborhood buzzing about the upcoming sale of your home.  I start advertising your “Coming Soon” home on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  I also use this time to educate you about keeping your home and personal property safe while strangers are in and out of your home.

Well Prepared:
  Once your home is officially For Sale, I order professional brochures and flyers so potential Buyers have something to take with them to remind them of your home.  Inside your home, I place a binder with copies of disclosures and other information that will answer most questions Buyers might have. Fellow Realtors are invited to tour your home and provide helpful feedback.  This also gives them an opportunity to preview your home for Buyers they are working with.  After a Realtor tours your home, I send an email asking for feedback about their experience and we both get copies of their response.  If needed, we will make adjustments to your home or listing based on this valuable information. 


To Open House or Not To Open House: 
What do I think about an Open House?  If I host an Open House at your home, it’s done right.   I advertise, make it fun and convenient for potential Buyers, and provide additional bodies for the added security of your home.  The 2nd home I sold was because of an Open House that I hosted for my clients.  The Would-Be Buyers were meeting their agent in the neighborhood to look at another home and saw my Open House signs around the neighborhood, and decided to stop in.  Their agent never offered to show them our house, but they came in and fell in love.  Sold!  I think Open Houses work.  But, if you don’t like the idea, that’s ok, not everyone does. 


Marketing, Marketing, Marketing:  We need as many people as possible to see your home so I employ other marketing activities as needed such as paid ads targeting our prospective buyer audience on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram,  E-Flyers to all Houston area Realtors promoting your home, or Just Listed postcards announcing the sale of your home to your entire neighborhood.